Temporary Structures
Instruction for Fire Safety in Respect of 
Temporary Structures/Pandals
Fire safety during public/private 
  1. The height of the ceiling of the pandal should not be less than 3 metres.
  2. No synthetic materials or synthetic ropes should be used in such structures.
  3. Margins of at least 4.5 metres should be kept on all sides-away from any preexisting walls or buildings.
  4. No structure should be erected underneath any live electrical line.
  5. Structure should be erected reasonably away from railway lines, electric substations, furnaces or other hazardous places and a minimum distanceof 15 metres should be maintained.
  6. Exits on all sides of the pandal shall be kept sufficiently wide (minimum 2.5 metres).
  7. There should be provision for stand by emergency light. First-aid fireextinguishers or water buckets must be installed at strategic pointsinside and outside of the pandal.
  8. Nocombustible material like wood shavings, straw, flammable and explosive chemicals and similar materials should be permitted to be stored in the vicinity or inside the pandal.
  9. No fireworks display with open flames of any kind should be permitted close to the temporary structure/pandal.
  10. Kitchen must be segregated by providing separation walls of noncombustible material (G.I. Sheets) from the remaining area of the temporary structure.
  1. Frequent requests are received by Delhi Fire Service for providing fire safety for providing fire safety cover in the public/private functions. The fire engines are provided, subject to availability on payment of prescribed charges which at present is Rs. 3000/ per day or part there of. Rs. 200/ enhances these charges on 1st April every year as per the present policy.
  2. The public should ensure that the auditorium/stadiums, which they are booking forvarious functions are having valid No Objection certificate from fire department. Therefore, such functions be held in those premises only,which are having clearance from fire service


Last Update Date :- 05-05-2018

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