Specification for small water cum tender


1.0 Chassis:

The fabrication of foam tender shall be made TATA LPT 709E/38 Cab chassis. The Delhi Fire Service shall supply the chassis.

2.0 General:

The appliance shall have a water tank capable of carrying 3000 ltrs. of water, 300 ltrs of foam and shall be fitted with a pump at the rear of the appliance driven through PTO.

3.0 Material selection and treatment:

The choice of material to be used in construction of the appliance shall be made with a view to combine lightness with strength and durability.

3.1 The timber shall not be used for body construction.

3.2 All parts which form water ways shall be of corrosion resistance material or suitable treated with corrosion resistance compound. All metal pipeline shall be dipped galvanized after completing fabrication of pipe line inclusive flanges/ joints. All metal parts exposed to atmosphere shall either be corrosion resisting material or treated suitably to resist corrosion. Pipe used shall at least be of medium duty and shall with stand two times of the maximum working pressure.

4.0 Water tank:

4.1 The water tank mounted on chassis shall be capable of carrying 3000 ltrs. of water. It shall be of welded construction and fabricated out of mild steel sheet. The thickness of the sheet including baffle shall not be less than 3.0 mm. The tank shall be suitable baffled in both direction to prevent surge. The baffle shall be of bolted panel type and bolting shall be done with stainless bolts and nuts. The tank shall be so designed and mounted as to bring center of gravity of the appliance as low as possible and mounting shall permit full rated contents of the tank to flow into the pump.

4.2 Suitable lifting eye shall be provided on the shell of the tank to unable the tank to be lifted of the vehicle for repairs etc.

4.3 The tank shall be fitted with one man hole of 450 mm dia on the top of the tank. The cover of the man hole shall be hinged type. The drain pipe shall not be of less than 50mm dia through out and shall be taken down to the point well below the chassis without reducing the effective ground clearance. When fully loaded, it shall discharge away from the wheel.

4.4 One over flow pipe not less than 70 mm dia. shall be fitted to the tank and taken down to the point well below the chassis without reducing the effective ground clearance when fully loaded. The pipe shall be so arranged that the water will over flow while refilling the tank and no water shall over flow when appliance is in motion.

4.5 One filling pipe (hydrant connection) of not less than 50 mm shall be fitted to the tank. It shall be fitted with 63 mm male instantaneous coupling. This connection shall be fitted with gate valve to prevent water leaking through the filling pipe.

4.6 The tank shall be provided with cleaning hole at the bottom of not less than 250 mm dia. and shall be fitted with bolted cover.

4.7 Suitable arrangement shall be provided for self filling the water tank directly from the pump using 50 mm pipe and control valve.

4.8 The water tank with all its fitments shall with stand hydraulic pressure of 0.3kgf/cm2.

4.9 All plumbing shall be reasonably accessible for maintenance purpose. Screwed bends, flange joints shall be avoided as far as possible.

4.10 The tank shall be sand blast before giving an epoxy treatment. The epoxy treatment shall consist of two coats of primer with two coat of epoxy finish.

5.0 Pump

  5.1  The pump shall be fitted at the rear of the appliance capable of delivering

1800 Lts/min at 7 kg/cm2.

5.2 The pump shall be provided with two delivery outlets of 63 mm quick release coupling and blank caps.

5.3 The pump housing, diffusers, impeller shall be made of gunmetal with stainless steel pump shaft and be carried on antifriction bearings.

5.4 The pump gland shall be self adjusting mechanical seal type and suction inlet shall be 100mm round threaded.

6.0 primer:

6.1 Reciprocating primer (twin piston type) capable of lifting water at least from 7 m depth with in 30 second shall be provided.

7 Foam tank:

7.0 A foam compound tank of 300 liters capacity shall be mounted on the chassis. The tank shall be separate and distinct unit which can be removed separately for replacement. The tank shall be of rigid type and shall be of stainless steel welded construction. The thickness of the sheets shall not be less than 2.5 mm. It shall with stand a hydraulic pressure of 0.3 kg/sq. cm. suitable stiffeners shall be provided to prevent surge while the vehicle is accelerating, cornering and braking.

7.1 Man hole of 450 mm diameter on top of tank shall be used for foam filling with a removable strainer fitted to it. The strainer shall be of stainless steel and its total screening area shall be adequate to permit quick filling of foam compound into the tank. The filler cap shall be clearly marked ‘Foam’.

7.2 The foam tank shall have its top dished/funneling arrangement to enable easy filling from 20 litters drums. Suitable sharp edged puncturing device should be provided at the foam tank filling orifice for puncturing the foam compound drum for facilitating quick filling of the foam compound directly from the drum into the tank without spillage. The design of the tank shall incorporate a removable sump fitted with a drain valve. The foam compound draw-off tube shall be positioned in such a manner that foreign matter or sludge shall not pass into the foam compound. The draw-off tube shall be fitted with a gauge strainer of suitable material mesh, size and adequate straining area.

Means shall be provided for automatic venting of the foam compound tank when the foam is being produced or the tank is being filled. This shall not be incorporated with the cap. The device employ shall be as simple as possible and shall not get clogged easily during normal use of the appliance.

The draw-off tube shall be connected to the foam compound proportionator/inductor and pump, as necessary. The plumbing for this purpose shall have a clear passage of not less than 50 mm throughout.

Provision shall also be made for drawing foam compound into the foam producing system from an external source placed at ground level through a pick up tube without interrupting the fire fighting operation using foam solution.

8.0 Foam compound proportionator / inductor:

8.1 A round the pump proportionator should be fitted between the suction and the delivery of the pump which will induct foam compound into the water stream with no loss in delivery pressure from the pump. The proportionator should comprise of an inductor and a selector valve which should have five ports calibrated to ensure the correct intake of the foam liquid at the rate of 5 to 6% to supply solution for the operation of foam making branch pipe. The proportionator should have five positions selector valve i.e. off, 1,2,3, 4 and 5. The off position should isolate the proportionator so that the pump can operate in the normal manner. The other positions should select air foam liquid to the corresponding foam equipment. It should be able to feed enough foam so that the whole quantity of Pump capacity i.e. 1800 L.p.m should be utilized.

9.0 Foam cum water monitor:

9.1 A foam monitor shall be mounted on the roof of the appliance in such a manner that it can be manually operated by a member of the crew. The monitor shall be capable of traversing through 360 degree in the horizontal plane and 45 in vertical plane.

The monitor shall be self aspirating type with a flow rate of at least 1100 1pm at 9 kg/sq cm. water foam solution. It shall have an expansion ratio of not less than 8 times, using protein foam compound to specification no. IS 4989 (Part-I) 1985.

9.2 The monitor shall be capable of projecting the foam discharge to an effective distance of not less than 30 m in still air when operated at 7kg/sq cm pressure in a straight jet pattern.

10.0 Hose reel:

One first aid hose reel shall be provided and mounted at the rear of the appliance. The reel shall be 60 m X 20 mm single piece hose tubing terminating in a shut off nozzle with an outlet of 10 mm. The real shall be provided with suitable arrangement to prevent over run of tubing without affecting its easy run. The flow shall be controlled by a gate valve and the plumbling between the hose reel and pump shall be clear and unobstructed water way of not less than 50 mm through out.

  11.0  Body work/stowage/cabin:

  11.1  Enclosed accommodation for at least three persons shall be provided just

Behind the cab. Two hinged doors shall be provided, one on each side for

Easy access of crew. The doors shall open outward and hung forward. The locking arrangements shall be with double catch striking plate. Non slip steps and grab rails shall be provided to assist crew to get in and out.

The seats shall have 100mm thick foam cushion and windows shall have safety glasses fitted with winding type regulator. The entire structure be made of 32x32x1.6mm square tube of M.S and 16 gauge aluminum sheet shall be used for exterior paneling work.

11.2 The lockers should be composite construction with sufficient rigidity reinforcement and to be kept as light as possible. The entire structure be made of 32 × 32 × 1.6 mm square tube of M.S. 16 gauge aluminum sheet shall be ‘used for exterior paneling work all over. For inner wall of the lockers, 16 gauge mild steel sheet shall be used. 2.5 mm thick aluminum checker plate shall be used for locker. Inspection/ maintenance hatch of removable type shall be provided in the cabin for gaining access to gear box/P.T.O.

11.3 There shall be two lockers, one on either side of the chassis at the rear in addition to one through and through locker for stowage. The lockers shall be composite construction. the doors of the lookers shall have efficient means for holding them closed by efficient flush fitting spring loaded locks and hinged at sides. Inner walls of the locker shall be of 16 gauge MS and 2.5 mm thick aluminum checker plate for flooring. All lockers shall be weather proof & self draining type. All lockers shall be provided with internal automatic lighting arrangement with the master switch in the cab. The pump and other fitments shall be covered by hinged door with suitable locking device at the rear.

11.4 The suction hose tunnel shall be provided at suitable location for carrying four number of 2.5m long 100 mm dia. suction hose.

12.0 Ladder Gallow:

Ladder gallows shall be provided for carrying 7.5m aluminum extension ladder. The design shall be such that the ladder can be released without difficulty from reasonable access position and shall embody rollers to permit easy withdrawal by one man. Means shall also be provided for locking the ladders when stored.

13.0 Revolving light/fire bell:

13.1 Two revolving light of amber color shall be fixed on the roof of the cab. (one on either side). A two tone siren with necessary amplifier and operating control shall be fitted in front of officer seat. The revolving light and electronic two tone siren shall be of “Grand Make” Model GM 103 TF and GES - 40 FTF.

13.2 One fire bell of 250 mm dia natural tone carillon shall be mounted externally and capable of being operated within the cab shall be provided.

14.0 Control panel:

the following control shall be provided at the rear pump operating panel.

a) Pressure Gauge: 0 to 17 kgf/cm2

b) Compound Gauge calibrated as

i) Pressure 0 to 7 kfg/cm2 (in black)

ii) Vacuum 0 to 75cm Hg (in red)

c) Engine throttle control

d) Pump hour meter in cabin or dash board.

e) Audio cum visual warning arrangements at driver cabin and pump panel at rear for engine temperature exceeding 90º.

15.0 Valves:

All valves used in the water lines shall be gunmetal gate valve with relevant I.S. marking.

16.0 DCP fire exting Wishers

Two NOS of DCP Fire Extinguishers of capacity 10 kgs each, as per relevant Indian Standards shall be provided.

17.0 Workman ship and finish

17.1 All parts of the appliance shall be of good workmanship and shall have streamline finish. All mechanical and other part shall be such that parts normally required to be replaced can be supplied and fit correctly.

17.2 The appliance shall be painted fire red (two coat) conforming to shad 536 of IS. 5-1978 and paint shall conform to IS 2932. Necessary anti-corrosion and priming coat shall be applied before painting in order to achieve gloss finish. The under chassis shall be painted black. The inside of locker and driver/crew compartment shall be painted cream.

17.3 Fire Service insignia shall be painted on both side of the appliance in golden & black and lettering “Delhi Fire Service” shall also be painted on either sides of the appliance in gold & black paint.

17.4 Accessories & equipments:

a) Fog lamp fitted in front of appliance - 02 NOS.

b) Reversing lights fitted at the rear of appliance - 01NOS

c) Delivery hose 50 mm dia, 30 m long, ISI 636 type A, ISI mark with heavy duty G.M. Couplings Instantaneous, 63 mm male & female duly binded using copper wires - 15 NOS.

d) Delivery hose 38 mm dia, 15m long, ISI 636 type A, ISI mark with heavy duty GM couplings instantaneous, 63 mm male & female duly binded using copper wire - 05 NOS

e) Lightweight, fog and straight stream pistol grip nozzle, having 63mm male instantaneous inlet with automatic constant pressure 100 psi regulated and variable flow output 50-450 Lts/min. The nozzle shall have a molded rubber bumper with power fog teeth, detent flow control, grabber inlet screen, pistol grip, stainless steel valve and capability to flush without shutting down, The main body shall be of extruded hardcoat anodized aluminum –02 Nos.

f) Fire hook as per IS -927- 01 NOS.

g) Foam making Branch 5x with pickup tube — 01 NOS.

18.0 Acceptance test:

The following test shall be carried out before accepting the vehicle. These shall be carried out at the manufacture works. All material required during the acceptance test will be provided by the manufacturers.

18.1 The front axle, rear axle and total weight of the loaded appliance shall be checked and the same should not exceed the manufacturer specifications.

18.2 The pump shall be run for a period of 4 hours non stop to check the rated output at varying pressure as per clause 5.1. The engine shall show no sign of distress during the test.

18.3 The pump casing & impeller shall be subjected to hydraulic test of 21 kgf/cm2.

18.4 Primer Test: The priming system shall be tested for the requirement as laid down in clause 6.1. This shall be carried out immediately the pump out put test. The water tank and foam tank shall be tested as per clause 4.8 and 7.0 respectively.

19.0 Manufacture guarantee certificate

19.1 The manufacturer shall furnish a guarantee for the material, workmanship and performance of the appliance for a period of one year from the date of receipt of equipment.

19.2 The manufacturer shall be responsible for replacing any part which may become unserviceable during the above period due to substandard material/bad workmanship free of all charges.

20.0 Note

The manufacturer may take note of the following points before submitting the tender documents.

20.1 Vendor shall submit three sets of drawings showing plan, section & elevation along with load distribution diagram with the appliance fully loaded with their offer. All material specification and quantity shall also be supplied along with the offer. Successful vendor shall start the fabrication only after getting the approved drawing. Without these , technical bid will not be considered and stand rejected.

20.2 The vehicle shall be inspected in two stages.

a) After completion of basic frame work, water tank and foam tank ready but not mounted, pump ready but not mounted.

b) Acceptance test as per cause 18.0 once the vehicle is ready in all respect.

20.3 The fabricated vehicle shall meet all the regulation with respect to motor vehicle act/RTO regulation enforce and in no case exceeds the manufacturer specification w.r.t. chassis.

20.4 The delivery of the chassis shall be given to the successful vendor from workshop, Delhi Fire Service and the accepted vehicle shall be delivered at the DFS workshop by the vendor.

20.5 The pump shall be coupled to the prime mover of the chassis through a suitable PTO capable of transferring full torque of the engine. A control lever for engaging and disengaging the pump with suitable locking device shall be provided in driver’s cab. The fabricator shall submit proof of purchasing a branch new PTO unit.

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