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Delhi Fire  Service Act 2007 (Delhi Act 2 of 2009) and Delhi Fire Service Rules 2010 under  rule 34 provides that on receipt of a reference from the local authority or any  other statutory authority under clause (s) of section 2 of the Act the Fire Prevention  Wing shall issue fire prevention and fire safety measures under these rules to  be incorporated in the design of the building for the safety of the occupants. To  forward the building plans to Delhi Fire Service please visit the website of  local authority concerned or click below.

1. MCD
2. DDA
3. New Delhi Municipal Council 

4. PWD 
5. Delhi Cantonment Board
6. Other government agencies/ licensing authorities  

7. MHA  Unified Portal For Licensing of Eating / Lodging & Boarding Establishment in Delhi

8.  CPWD

Last Update Date :- 07-05-2018

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