Preparing your family to face Disasters

Each family must talk frankly about the disasters and their affects at their place, be mentally prepared to live without amenities for some time, to sustain stresses due to injuries to loved ones and damage to their property, and the ways to help themselves and the community. A family preparedness plan may help you avoid injury and panic following a disaster.

Family Preparedness Plan

  1. Identify possible disaster that are likely at your place and explain their affects to each of the family members.
  2. Learn community warning signals and the actions you should take when they are activated.
  3. Display a list of important telephone numbers in your home and at your work place.
  4. Establish meeting place inside and outside your home and outside neighbourhood. Make sure everyone knows when and how to contact each other if separated.
  5. Decide on best two escape routes from your home and keep them on obstructed at all times.
  6. Plan to take care of your pets, if any.
  7. Identify high-risk area (areas having LPG cylinders, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, liquid fuel such as kerosene) in your home that calls for immediate action.

Disaster Kit
Each family should have a survival kit to help them during any crisis following disaster and kept at a convenient place known to all the family members. The kit must include:

  1. Torch with extra batteries/candles/match boxes.
  2. Pocket radio with extra batteries.
  3. First-aid kit.
  4. Common medicines
  5. One set of clothing for each member of family in accordance with weather.
  6. Few bed sheets/blankets.
  7. Drinking water (5 liters per person per day for three days).
  8. Dry food stuff, Milk powder, Glucose or Electrol powder.
  9. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and towels.
  10. Plastic bags, plates, glass/tumbler, utility knife, paper and pencils.
  11. Emergency tools, an extra set of car keys and a credit card or cash.
  12. Special items for infant, elderly, or disabled family members.

Last Update Date :- 05-05-2018

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