JJ Clusters

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The exploding population and the new industrial economy economy brought with it the slums to Delhi. What could be called mechanical slums-row upon row of crowded worker houses in the shadow of factory,parks,Yamuna bed, underneath or by the side of flyovers/bridges can be seen while entering the city and new within the city.

The materials used for constructions of these Jhuggies are highly combustible and produce toxic gases when involved in fire. Though small in size but very large in numbers in a pocket, Jhuggies are built sideby side and back to back in a row. The lanes serving these rows arehardly a meter inwidth. Besides housing poors, these are are also providing space for storage of huge quantity of rags, chemicals, plastic, PVC etc. etc.

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Two decades experience of Delhi Fire Service has shown that lack of communication facilities in the nearly 1100 J.J. Clusters led to late information about the out break of fire to the Delhi Fire Service.By the time the affected J.J. Clusters people can inform the fire brigade, hundreds of Jhuggies get involved because of the type of material used for construction of Jhuggies and unsystematic layout leads to entire area gutted in fire in shortest possible time. To top it upwind velocity play havoc in such stone pelting, man handling and damaging the fire service vehicles that results in total non-cooperation of the affected people with the Delhi Fire Service which ultimately causes delay in starting fire fighting operations.

Remedial Measures:

The number of fire incidents and losses can be minimized if following measures are taken :

  1. Relocation of Jhuggies in the clusters to facilities movement of fire fighting applicance and break continuity of path for fire to travel.
  2. Supply of electricity through underground cables.
  3. Prevention of business activities in the J.J. Clusters.
  4. After fire grant-in-aid to the residents of J.J. Cluster be given in the form of non combustible materials for reconstruction of Jhuggies.
  5. Periodic inspection of the JJ. Cluster by slum wing of M.C.D.
  6. Periodic inspection of the JJ. Cluster by slum wing of M.C.D.
  7. Prohibition of use of PVC/plastic for construction of Jhuggies.
  8. Development of a system to collect PVC/plastic and other combustible materials from the rag pickers centrally and disposal there of.
  9. Formation of in house watch and ward parties with the help of local police and imparting of training in first-aid fire fighting.
  10. Conduct of public awareness programs for fire prevention activities through print media, electronic media and school level education.
  11. Regulating electrical installation in various premises. 

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Last Update Date :- 05-05-2018

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