Delhi Fire Service came into existence in the year 1942 after amalgamation of 2 fire stations, which were separately functioning under the control of Delhi Municipal Committee and New Delhi Municipal Committee. After the World War-II, the establishment of Delhi Fire Service was approved as a provincial force. At that time, Delhi Fire Service had in all 4 fire stations with14 appliances and total staff numbering to 186 only.

After the partition of the country in August 1947 and subsequent disturbance, the in adequate of fire service came to light and certain steps were initiated to improve the fire service. The fire Station at Connaught Circus was built on modern lines in the year 1952. The radio communication was first time introduced in Delhi Fire Service in 1954.

There was no planned expansion carried out at any stage and some adhoc measures were taken to reinforce the fire service time to time whenever any big fire incidents occurred. In the year 1970, Delhi Fire Service had 14 fire stations including Training Centre and Headquarters. The total number of fire stations as on date has come to 36 with 2002 fire service personnel working round the clock. Three fire stations are invarious stages of construction.

The administrative control of Delhi Fire Service, which was previously with Municipal Corporation of Delhi, rests with the Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi since 10th November, 1994. The fire service continues to make sincere endeavour by responding to 15000 fire/rescue calls per annum on an average to serve the people of the National Capital Territory of Delhi with the sole motto‘WE SERVE TO SAVE’.


The total area of National Capital Territory of Delhi measuring about 1484 sq km is given fire safety coverage by the Delhi Fire Service. The Fire units are sent to tackle the incidents irrespective of the fact that the area is under the control of any authorities like MCD, DDA, NDMC and Cantonment Board etc.

Receiving of calls

The Delhi Fire Service Works on a Centralized Mobilizing Scheme. All the emergency calls made on telephone No. 101 are received 10 telephones having parallel lines provided in the control room at Head Quarters which is a manned round the clock. As soon as the call is received, the same is transmitted to the nearest fire station from the place of incident and pre-determined number of units is dispatched immediately.The wireless communication is available in all the fire stations as well as on mobile units which helps in quick transmission of messages to the fire stations concerned.

The facility of dialing 101 can be used from PCO also without putting acoin. In case the fire become big, the message is sent on wireless by the officer in charge from the fire scene to the control room and additional units are responded from other fire stations in the vicinity. The public is, therefore, advised to dial 101 immediately assoon as any fire is noticed by them. The quick message to the fire service can help quick turnout and minimize losses due to fire.

The fire call something's are made by public to the police control room on telephone no. 100. There is a provision of hot line communication between the control room of Delhi Fire Service and Delhi Police. These messages are also sent and received quickly without much loss of time.

Information About Fire Rescue Emergency

While make emergency call on 101, maintain calm and feed the following information correctly.

  1. Caller’s Name
  2. Telephone Number
  3. Address in Full
  4. Nearest land mark
  5. Nature of emergency
  6. Correct Information Helps Serve you Better.

Reaching Delhi Fire Service on Telephone

The Delhi Fire Service can be reached on telephone no. 101 for communicating the fire/emergency message. However, it is advisable that you should also know the other telephone numbers of the nearest fire station to your place and if fire/emergency calls are communicated directly to the nearest fire station to your place and if fire/emergency calls are communicated directly to the nearest fire station it would help saving a minute or so in dispatching fire fighting appliances.

You may also reach us through PCR Vans. Stationed in your locality by informing them about the incident.

You should note down the telephone no. of the nearest fire station. So that a fire call can be transmitted to the nearest fire station. Directly.This will avoid a few minutes delay which is likely to take place if we came to the control room.

The citizen may also inform the PCR vans which are normally deputed within different parts of the city. The PCR will help in transmitting the emergency call to Delhi Fire Service through police control room. You can also call at your corresponding fire stations.

Last Update Date :- 04-05-2018

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