Fire Protections in Industries

Owing to the rapid growth of industries, complexities of fire risk have increased enormously. Incidents of such fire risk have increased enormously. Incidents of such fires not only result in huge loss offire and property but also cause dislocation of work, loss of production, unemployment and so many other kinds of suffering, If adequate fire prevention measures are taken the losses can be minimized.

Do’s Don’ts
  1. Store flammable liquids gases, solvents, chemicals in stable racks, correctly labeled.
  2. Keep chemicals in cool and dry place away from heat.
  3. Where hazardous chemicals are used/stored, ensure adequate ventilation and prohibit smoking.
  4. Maintain good house keeping. Ensure cigarettes are extinguished before disposal
  5. Use fuses and circuit breakers of correct capacity.
  6. Before welding operation, all traces of flammable material must be removed to a safe distance.
  7. Welding/Hot work should be carried out under proper fire watch.
  8. Keep all machinery clean and lubricate it to avoid friction and overheating.
  9. Regular fire drills should be carried out.
  1. Don’t smoke in prohibited areas.
  2. Don’t place obstruction in means of escape.
  3. Don’t use damaged cords and avoid temporary connections.
  4. Don’t plug to many electrical appliances in one socket.


Last Update Date :- 05-05-2018

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