Chemical Leaks

The inhalation, injection and injection of toxic, corrosive, radioactive materials and poisonous chemicals beyond certain limits is a potential threat to life. May of the hazardous materials are flammable in nature and liberate toxic/poisonous fumes/vapours/products of combustion when leaks or involved in fire. The contact with chemicals may cause skin burns.

What to do?

  1. Inquire about the characteristics of chemicals from the manufacturer such as toxic properties, flammability and their affect on skin and eyes, you are storing and or processing. And their antidotes.
  2. Make information known to all around you and display the names of chemicals and their characteristics at the entrance of your premises.
  3. Use protection for skin, eyes while handling hazardous chemicals.
  4. Leave quietly the place in upwind direction where chemicals have accidentally released.
  5. Once out of building/area due to leakage of chemicals, stay away till the area /building is declared safe for occupancy.
  6. Consult Doctor immediately.

What not to do?

  1. Do not hide information about the hazardous chemicals.
  2. Do not handle chemicals without proper protection as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Do not evacuate in downwind direction.
  4. Do not panic and run that will cause inhalation of more quantity of fumes/vapours/gas due to fast breathing rate.
  5. Do not drink or eat any thing in the hazardous area nor ever use any food stuff that has been exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Last Update Date :- 05-05-2018

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